Proposal presented to LAUSD to ensure safe COVID-19 testing protocols

Members on our SEIU Local 99 bargaining team met with the LAUSD Safety Collaborative Committee on September 23 to discuss concerns and ensure that all safety protocols are being followed.

One major issue we raised was regarding COVID-19 testing. It’s clear the district has still not set-up a uniform system for testing or addressing test results.

To make sure that everyone’s safety is a priority, we presented the district with a proposal to ensure that everyone who is tested stays home until they get their test results. We’re also urging that a proper contact tracing system be put in place so that everyone receives clear and accurate information of appropriate protocols regarding test results.

The district has not agreed to this yet and we must be ready to take action if they don’t move quickly on our proposal. We will continue to meet with the district and we will keep you updated.

We also want to remind you that we already have the following safety protections under our latest agreement with LAUSD and under articles covering “Safety Conditions” in our contracts:

  • The district must provide everyone working on site with personal protective equipment (PPE) and all social distancing protocols must be followed.
  • If you have a documented chronic health condition, you may request a different shift with minimal interaction with other employees – and your request “shall not be unreasonably denied.”
  •  Workers who have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19 should not report to work and will be paid their full regular salary for ten days of quarantine.
  • You have the right to work in safe conditions. The district must provide you with all of the necessary equipment, supplies and training to complete your assignment safely. However, if you still do not feel safe, let your supervisor know in writing that you cannot complete the assignment because it is not safe to do so. Immediately report the incident to SEIU Local 99 by completing an Online Inquiry Form. You cannot be retaliated against for reporting safety concerns.

The safety of all staff and students is the priority as we continue to meet the challenges of this pandemic and prepare for the eventual return to in-person classes. It is important that we all stay vigilant and ensure that the district is providing all appropriate PPE and following safety protocols.

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