Negotiations Team Nomination Form Available Here. 

Forma de Nominacion en Español para Equipo de Negociaciones  Aqui

After 17 years of organizing and fighting to win their union, family child care providers will soon sit down to negotiate their first union contract with the state of California. The first step is to elect their negotiations team.

The negotiations team will be made up of providers and union staff. This team will develop contract proposals based on the priorities identified by providers in the bargaining survey and they will represent all providers in direct negotiations with the governor and his representatives.

A total of 30 providers will be on the statewide negotiations team. To ensure that all areas of the state are covered, ten (10) providers from Child Care Providers United (CCPU) /SEIU Local 99 (Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties) will be elected to serve on the team.

Any child care provider union member can be nominated to run for a seat on the negotiations team. You can also nominate yourself. Following is more information about the role of the team, how to apply apply and the selection process:

Role/responsibility of the negotiations team:

Establish the priorities for bargaining based on the survey responses given by providers
(examples: increase in rates, health insurance coverage, improvement to working conditions, etc).

Bargain with the state of California as the sole representative of family child care providers in the state (for both licensed and license-exempt providers).

Candidate Criteria:

Anyone interested in being a part of the negotiations team must meet the following criteria:

Be a Union member
Have passion for & commitment to building towards CCPU vision
Have knowledge of providers’ issues, child care system, or be willing to learn
Willing to commit to training on union, bargaining, and building power to win
Be a good communicator: both communicate out to members and listen to what providers’ needs are
Track record of involvement in the union also interest in involving new providers. Alternatively, advocacy experience in another forum.
Overall represent & are supportive/committed to supporting CCPU’s diversity: new and experienced providers, range of race/language/gender, licensed and license exempt providers, geography
Available and willing to join both daytime and evening meetings, both with the state and to prep/report back to leaders and members.

Statewide representation based on membership and geography
A total of 30 providers will be on the statewide CCPU negotiations team. To ensure that all areas of the state are represented, the seats will be filled as follows: ten (10) seats will be allotted to members of SEIU Local 99, twelve (12) seats will be allotted to members of UDW, eight (8) seats will be allotted to members of SEIU Local 521

Breakdown of SEIU Local 99’s team:
SEIU Local 99’s ten seats will be broken down into 9 regional seats + 1 at large seat, as follows:
Antelope Valley/Santa Clarita Valley
San Fernando Valley
San Gabriel Valley/Northeast Los Angeles/Foothills
Downtown/South/Central Los Angeles
South Bay
East Los Angeles/Southeast Los Angeles
Westside/Airport Cities/Beach Cities
San Bernardino County – Inland
San Bernardino County – High Desert
At large seat – from any of the 9 regions.

Nomination and Election Process
Members may nominate providers to run for a seat on the negotiations team, or nominate themselves, by completing this form. The deadline to submit nominations is October 19 at 8pm.

Nominees must submit a Petition of Support, signed by at least 15 Local 99 members from the geographical region they are running to represent. See more information about the petition in the timeline below.

October 14 – Nominations Open

October 19 – Nominations close at 8pm

October 15-20 – SEIU Local 99 will verify membership of nominated providers. Eligible providers will be contacted to confirm acceptance of their nomination. Nominees should submit their photo and a biography/statement on why they want to be on the negotiations team to SEIU Local 99 by October 20 at 2pm. The statements and photos will be posted on SEIU Local 99’s website.

October 21-26 – Nominees collect signatures from other members in their region, or from any region for those running for the at-large seat, using the official “Petition of Support.” Qualified nominees will be sent a link to the Petition of Support by email. All members will also be notified by email of the signature gathering process. The Petition of Support will also be available by 12noon on October 21 on SEIU Local 99’s website. As signatures are verified, qualifying provider candidates will be posted on SEIU Local 99’s website.  The final list will be available on October 26.

October 28 – Elections will held via Zoom on October 28 if: 1. There are multiple nominees for a region, 2. There are multiple nominees for the at-large seat, 3. There are no nominees in a certain region or 4. There are no nominees for the at-large seat.

If there are no nominees for a certain region or “at large”,  qualified candidates who were not elected in their region will be able to participate in a general election to fill the seat for an additional at large/region.

October 29 – The CCPU/SEIU Local 99 negotiations team will be announced.


Make sure you’ve filled out the Bargaining Survey!!! (For Providers Only)
The bargaining survey allows providers to decide democratically on the most important improvements/changes we will fight for in our first contract with California! Some examples of things we can negotiate around include: subsidy reimbursement rates, professional development, benefits, etc. Survey responses help the Negotiation Team understand providers’ priorities and better prepare for bargaining! Click here to complete your survey today.