Members on our bargaining team reached an agreement on October 23, 2020 with the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) that addresses working conditions for the duration of the 2020-21 academic year. Negotiations were guided by our union’s Principles for Reopening Our Schools. Members stood strong for an agreement that puts safety first. The district initially wanted all members to return to work 100% on site. Together, members secured a phased-in return to work process that allows workers to take professional development classes at home for part of their shift or the option to complete their entire shift on-campus.

The agreement sets protocols and procedures that prioritize everyone’s safety and it will be up to everyone to enforce this agreement.  If you have concerns about your health and safety on the job, you should report it to your steward immediately or complete SEIU Local 99’s online inquiry form.

Read the full language of the agreement here

Highlights of the agreement include:

Phases back to on-site work
Beginning October 26, 2020, unit members return to the same work days, start times, and work locations that were in effect pre-COVID lockdown (March 1, 2020).

Work schedules will include 6½ hours on-site and 2 hours remote professional development, through January 16, 2021. Unit members that choose not to participate in remote professional development will have the option to work their entire shift on campus.

The District will continue to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and follow public health directives and guidelines.

Employees may get tested for COVID-19 during work hours as often as once every 14 days.  Fees for COVID-19 testing paid by employees will be reimbursed if they are not covered by LACCD’s medical insurance and free testing is not available.

Employees unable to report to work on-site due to their own health conditions or to care for others at home may request and be provided with work accommodations, use FFCRA paid leave, or use existing leave balances. Our new agreement also includes language to accommodate employees who are in close contact with older individuals or individuals with preexisting conditions due to stay at home orders.

Professional Development
Remote professional development on paid time for 2 hours per day will continue through January 16, 2021, and will include Chromebooks and IT support provided by the District. The new agreement includes language to the online professional development program for essential workers that allows members to take online college classes that are related to the industry or for career advancement within LACCD.

Compensation/Recognition Pay

Our team will continue to work through the Joint Labor Caucus (made up of all the unions at LACCD) in negotiations with the Chancellor’s office over additional compensation due to COVID-19 related assignments. Stay tuned for updates.