Essential workers turned-out to vote in record numbers in this election, including thousands of SEIU Local 99 members.

We sent a clear message: respect us, protect us, pay us. Now, it’s essential to count our votes.

We won’t let President Trump bully and cheat his way to another four years in the White House.

We are ready to show that nothing—not this pandemic or this president—will stand in our way of ensuring that every vote counts and that we count every vote.

We will join with an alliance of labor unions, community organizations, youth and student groups to demonstrate that we stand together for a just and inclusive California and insist that every vote must be counted.

Meet-up with the SEIU Local 99 caravan at these locations:

  • Eastside – Mariachi Plaza 1831 E 1st St. 9am
  • South L.A. – Leimert Park 3333  W 43rd Pl. 9am
  • Downtown L.A. – Pershing Square 532 S Olive St. March to City Hall begins at 11am

Register to Join the Caravan

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