Agreement Reached with LAUSD for the Safe Reopening of Schools / Hybrid Learning

Even as we have continued to help our students and communities during distance learning, we have been in negotiations with LAUSD to ensure that we are prepared to return to in-person classes when it is safe to do so. We are glad to report that we have reached agreements with LAUSD that ensure safety and protections for SEIU Local 99 members and students when schools eventually reopen for on-campus classes.

Our negotiations were guided by SEIU Local 99’s Principles for Reopening Schools that were drafted to ensure safety and equity for students and classified employees during this pandemic and beyond.

Please note that our current distance learning agreements are still in place. The new agreements will take effect when students return to in-person classes and will expire on June 30, 2021. While there is no timeline for the reopening of schools, the district must follow all guidelines set by public health departments before schools can re-open. Our agreement ensures that LAUSD will give us a two-week notice before schools open.

To ensure safety, in-person instruction will begin as a hybrid model for students. This means the re-opening of school will be phased-in with some students attending class on campus and others online.

You can review the full language of the agreements by clicking on the Unit links below:

Unit Bincludes Campus Aides, Counselor Aides, Early Education Center Aides, Education Aides/Resource Aides, Health Care Assistants, Infant Care Aides, Interpreter Aides, Pupil Services & Attendance Aides, Sign Language Interpreters, Instructional Aides for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Special Education Assistants, Special Needs Attendants

Unit Cincludes Building Engineers, Building & Grounds Workers, Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Workers/Helpers/Seniors, Computer Technologists, Food Production Assistants/Workers, Gardeners, Housekeepers, Mechanics, School Facilities Attendants, Stock Clerks/Workers, Tool Keepers, Truck Drivers

Unit FTeacher Assistants

Unit GSchool Supervision Aides, Community Representatives, Out-of-School Program Workers/Helpers/Supervisors


Here are some highlights of our agreements:


  • The District will follow all safety guidelines set by the LA County Department of Public Health and will ensure that all workers have the proper PPE and testing and contact tracing protocols are followed.
  • The Safety Collaborative Committee will continue so that workers can immediately address any health or safety issues.
  • Workers who are in a high-risk category for contracting COVID-19 will be given reasonable accommodations or remote work.

Job Protections

  • There will be no layoffs, furlough days or reduction in regular hours.
  • Any new duties that are created as a result of hybrid learning or new return to school plans will be negotiated with our union.

Child Care

  • The District will continue to provide free child care to LAUSD students.

We all recognize these are unprecedented times and conditions are changing. We will continue in discussions with the district to address concerns and any new developments.  If you have questions or concerns about your assignment, please complete Local 99’s online inquiry form and a union organizer will be in contact with you. Now, more than ever, our unity is our strength.

SEIU Local 99 Bargaining Team

Max Arias, SEIU99 Exec. Director
Conrado Guerrero, Building Engineer / SEIU 99 President
Elizabeth Thomas-Parker, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU99 Vice President
Eddie Abrignani, Mechanic
Marisol Aguilar, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU 99 Exec. Board Member
Tony Ahumada, Truck Driver
Jesus Bernal, Mechanic
Gilbert Feliciano, Special Ed. Asst.
Robinson Landeta, Fleet Storekeeper
John Lewis, Bus Driver / SEIU99 Exec. Board Member
Haydee Malacas, Community Rep.
Virginia Miranda, Sign Language Interpreter
Miguel Morales, Stock Clerk / SEIU 99 Exec. Board Member
Ken Ng, IT Field Services Tech.
Lori Oshiro, Speech Language Pathology Asst.
Santos Robles, IT Solution Tech.
Jack Ryan, Special Ed. Asst.
Teresa Thomas, Food Svc. Worker
Jeanette Verbera, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU99 Exec. Board Member
Bart Weil, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU99 Exec. Board Member
Margaret Williams, Food Svc. Worker

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