LAUSD has announced that they are suspending all school-based instruction and child care for the rest of the fall semester beginning on December 10. We understand that reducing the number of students and staff on campus is a necessary safety precaution during this time and the district has notified us that this decision will not impact any members’ pay. We are in discussions with LAUSD and Local 99 members on the Safety Collaborative Committee will meet with the district on December 10 to further address any issues.

It is important to note that most members who have already been working remotely will not be impacted by this decision, this includes most members in Unit B. Essential workers in the grab-and-go meal program, COVID testing program and school cleaning and maintenance should also not see significant changes as these programs will continue to operate. The district has notified us that members working in other school-based programs will be re-assigned to remote work as it is available. LAUSD also stated that everyone that had an onsite assignment that will be displaced as a result of this decision will continue to be paid until December 18, even if these workers are not given a remote assignment. As of December 18, members may use winter recess vacation time.

Report safety violations

Safety will continue to be a priority and our current agreements with LAUSD ensuring proper PPE, compliance with public health protocols and accommodations for high-risk workers are still in place. Remember that if you are required to report to a worksite and proper PPE is not available or safety protocols are not being followed, you should document it using the SEIU Local 99 online inquiry form, let your supervisor know that you cannot work because conditions are not safe and leave the worksite – and this should have no impact on your pay.

Protections for workers at high-risk on contracting COVID-19 virus

Also keep in mind that our agreements state that if a worker in any unit is required to report to work and they have documented health conditions that put them at high-risk of contracting COVID-19, per the public health guidelines, they may request other assignments that require minimal contact. The district has agreed that these requests will not be unreasonably denied.


Agreement Reached with District on Safe Reopening of Schools in Hybrid Learning Model
Even as we continue to address the immediate needs of our schools and communities, we have been in negotiations with the district for the eventual reopening of schools. Our bargaining team has reached an agreement that secures safety, jobs and recovery when in-person learning begins. Read more here.