Hero Pay at LAUSD Increases to $5/hour recognizing the essential work of SEIU Local 99 members

SEIU Local 99 members on the Safety Collaborative Committee met with LAUSD today and we reached an agreement that increases the additional hero pay back to $5.00 per hour effective today, December 10, for all employees who are required to report to work to a school or worksite. This includes everyone at grab-and-go sites, COVID-19 testing centers, school sites, warehouses and other locations where employees are required to be present to perform their work.

We remind all members working onsite that safety is a priority and the district must follow all safety protocols and provide you with all of the necessary equipment, supplies, PPE and training to complete your assignment safely. If you are required to report to a worksite and proper PPE is not available or safety protocols are not being followed, you should let your supervisor know that you cannot work because conditions are not safe and leave the worksite. Immediately document and report it using the SEIU Local 99 online inquiry form. You must not lose pay or suffer any other consequences for refusing to work in an unsafe environment.

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