On December 30, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom presented his $2 billion Safe Schools for All plan so school districts can begin moving toward in-person instruction for transitional kindergarten through 6th grade as early as February 2021. We agree that in-person instruction is best for students. However, the Governor’s plan leaves too many students behind.

His plan calls for reopening schools based on low rates of infection. It does not take into account the high rates of infection in low-income communities of color. This will result in more affluent school districts re-opening first, while communities of color are left behind.

That is why we joined with community partners and school districts to demand that the Governor comes up with a more equitable plan for returning to school. We are urging the Governor to include the following in his plan:

  • Standards for a safe school environment – including standards to ensure cleanliness in classrooms, campuses and school buses
  • Clear vaccination plan and timeline for school workers
  • Specific funding for Special Education
  • Funding for recovery programs, including summer school, tutoring, and food distribution
  • Utilize schools as hubs of health care delivery and information, including testing and vaccination distribution for students, staff and the entire school community.

Stay tuned for more and be ready to take action.