SEIU Local 99 members have reached an agreement with LAUSD to extend our 2018-20 health benefits agreement for one year until December 31, 2021. It includes our agreement covering members in Units F and G. This ensures that as we continue through these critical times, there will be no changes or interruptions to eligible members’ health care coverage.

In the coming months, our LAUSD Bargaining Team will be heading into contract negotiations where increasing work hours will be a critical fight to ensure that students get the services they need and all workers are eligible for health benefits.

This agreement was negotiated jointly with the other unions representing workers at LAUSD as part of the Health Benefits Committee. In addition to SEIU Local 99, the committee is made up of members from all eight employee unions at LAUSD, including UTLA, Administrators, School Police, CSEA, Building Trades and Teamsters.

While the extension of our health care contract runs through the end of this year, our agreement also allows for the Health Benefits Committee to begin negotiations for a new agreement after March 15, 2021. This means we must continue to push forward to ensure that federal and state budgets – that are being worked on now – include funding to ensure the health and safety of all education workers.

Stay tuned for more!