As we move forward toward the reopening of schools for in-person instruction, we need state legislators to ensure a safe and equitable reopening for all students and education workers. In the coming days, they’ll be taking a vote on the budget.

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Tell them to:

Protect our kids and EVERY member of the school community. Legislators have made it optional for schools to spend money on key safety measures, including PPE, cleaning and sanitizing schools and improved ventilation. In addition, legislators are not requiring schools to adhere to any new standard of cleaning. Finally, many school workers such as food workers and bus drivers are being excluded from vaccination. This is unjust and unacceptable. Local 99 members are essential to schools and deserve to be treated as such. Without a clear commitment to health, safety and staffing to keep schools sanitary and students and employees healthy — schools cannot reopen for in-person instruction.

Support our most vulnerable students. Students with special needs, particularly those with moderate to severe disabilities, have been the hardest hit by the sudden shift to distance learning.  Without consideration for the additional staffing and support needed to educate and care for our neediest students, the legislature is risking the lives and education of those that depend on us the most.

Reduce the spread of disease by ensuring workers have supplemental paid sick leave. Research shows that when workers don’t have to make the choice between providing for their families and taking appropriate precautions when sick or exposed, transmission of the virus goes way down. In fact, paid sick leave is one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of disease. It just makes sense. Public health experts who studied the issue have proven that paid sick leave reduces new cases by 56%. We must renew supplemental paid sick leave to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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