Agreement Reached with LAUSD: Childcare Help For Members

SEIU Local 99 secured an agreement with LAUSD to help members with children under five years of age access and pay for childcare. For workers with children five years of age or older, the district is providing free child care at school sites.

Under our agreement, all full-time LAUSD employees who work 6+ hours per day will be eligible for a monthly $500 subsidy for each child age 5 and younger who is enrolled in a childcare program. You must submit an initial interest form that was provided to all employees through an email from the district. It’s important all members check their email. All documentation regarding childcare and the stipend can be accessed through the district’s portal. This program will be available for the rest of this school year and for employees who are working as part of summer school through July 31st, 2021. Your $500 stipend will be included in your paycheck after the month has passed. We encourage all members who are eligible to apply for the stipend. All members who have questions about the program or need an application, should contact Dulce Lopez at

To help you find reliable childcare we have partnered with Carina Care and Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles to support families and all employees of the District in attaining care.

You can find licensed, in-home family childcare providers by visiting Carina Care

If you are looking for center-based care you can visit Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles, where they will assist employees with finding center-based care through a referral network.

Utilizing these resources is provided for your assistance but is not required to participate in the subsidy program as long as your child is participating in a licensed childcare program.

“We are proud to work in partnership with Los Angeles Unified and the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles to support all school district workers in need of childcare,” SEIU Local 99 Executive Director Max Arias said. “Through Carina Care and the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles, as well as investment from Los Angeles Unified, school workers will be able to access quality, affordable childcare as they return to work to support and provide in-person instruction. It’s a critical first step in the reopening and recovery process.

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