LAUSD Q&A on Reopening for In-person Instruction

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from members. If you have questions related to your specific work assignment or concerns about safety on the job, please contact us by submitting this inquiry form.

Where can I find the agreements covering returning to school for in-person instruction and distance learning?  

Our agreements covering the return to school for hybrid learning (in person and remotely) can be found in the links below.

Unit B – includes Campus Aides, Counselor Aides, Early Education Center Aides, Education Aides/Resource Aides, Health Care Assistants, Infant Care Aides, Interpreter Aides, Pupil Services & Attendance Aides, Sign Language Interpreters, Instructional Aides for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Special Education Assistants, Special Needs Attendants

Unit C – includes Building Engineers, Building & Grounds Workers, Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Workers/Helpers/Seniors, Computer Technologists, Food Production Assistants/Workers, Gardeners, Housekeepers, Mechanics, School Facilities Attendants, Stock Clerks/Workers, Tool Keepers, Truck Drivers

Unit F – Teacher Assistants

Unit G – School Supervision Aides, Community Representatives, Out-of-School Program Workers/Helpers/Supervisors

Our agreements covering distance learning can be found by clicking on the links below:

Unit B

Unit C

Unit F

Unit G

Can we choose to work remotely if our students will be zooming from home?

There will be both in-person instruction and online instruction in place at all school sites and it is important that all workers return to school sites regardless if your student is returning or not in order to ensure that all students receive the support they need.

 If I or someone I live with has an underlying medical condition, do I have an option to work remotely?

 You must submit your request to work remotely, due to underlying medical conditions or caregiving for someone in your household who is at high risk, to your administrator or supervisor. Please also make sure you send a copy of your request to your SEIU Local 99 organizer or submit it via our online inquiry form

 What if my request for remote work is denied by my administrator or supervisor?

 If your request is denied by your administrator or supervisor, you must go through the district’s reasonable accommodation process. Please refer to this bulletin from the district for more information about this process.

 Where can I get a Reasonable Accommodation Application?

  Please review the district’s Reasonable Accommodations bulletin. The form to be completed by the employee is here. The form to be completed by the employee and supervisor/administrator is hereContact LAUSD’s Reasonable Accommodations office to set up a meeting. Once a meeting has been provided to you by the district, prepare all documents needed regarding your daily duties and restrictions.

 Can you explain cohorts and how they will be put into place?

Cohorts are small groups of students and staff who spend the instructional day together. Class cohorts have been established and are based on class size. The minimum is 14 students and the maximum is 24 students.  If the classroom has over 24 students, the district must designate another area. Itinerant cohorts are still being established and our bargaining team is addressing this issue with the district.

 Is there concrete language regarding our work assignments for returning to campus?

 LAUSD sent an email to all employees regarding work assignments and hours. If your hours changed from the original hours you were given, the district must provide you with a 5-day written notice stating your hours have been adjusted. Make sure you get all changes in writing.

 Is it mandatory for us to stay overtime?

 There is no mandatory overtime and LAUSD cannot require you to stay longer than your regular hours. If you decide to work overtime, you must be paid for all hours worked.

 Where can I find a full list of my job duties/description? And what do I do if I am given duties outside of my classification?

 You can find your job description on the district’s website. Please note that all job descriptions remain the same. However, due to the special circumstances created by the pandemic, some job classifications have additional temporary duties.

Additionally, to comply with new regulations and requirements created to ensure everyone’s safety, some new temporary positions have been created. These temporary jobs include Building & Grounds Workers and Health Site Support Aides.  If you are looking for additional hours and pay,  you may apply for these new positions here

If your supervisor is trying to give you additional tasks that are not in your job classification and no special duties have been negotiated by our bargaining team, make sure you get the additional duties in writing. You must report it to SEIU Local 99 by submitting an online inquiry form or calling the Member Resource Center at 213-637-0296.  Remember, even if some job duties have changed to address the needs of the pandemic, all of your rights, benefits, and protections in our contracts are in full force.

Do we get paid if we must quarantine due to COVID-19? How many days/hours?

 Our bargaining team negotiated an agreement for emergency paid sick leave. Workers who must quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure at work will be paid without using their regular sick days, vacation time or other benefited leave. Also, if LAUSD policy requires workers to quarantine, they will be paid without using their leave time. Plus, workers who had to use their leave time to quarantine or recover from COVID-19 since December 1, 2020, will get their leave time back.

Additionally, SEIU members statewide worked hard to pass a new California law, Senate Bill 95, that allows workers to take up to 80 hours of Supplemental Paid Sick Leave if they are unable to work due to COVID-19 related issues, including to care for yourself or a family member or for vaccine-related issues. Workers are entitled to this benefit from January 1, 2021, through September 30, 2021. Eligible workers who are unable to work in person or remotely can make an oral or written request to the district to take this leave time. This will not come out of your regular sick day, vacation time or other benefitted leave.

 Will I get my benefitted time back for using my own sick time during quarantine?

 Workers who had to use their own leave time (sick days, vacation) to quarantine or recover from COVID-19 since December 1, 2020, will get their leave time back. This will not be an automatic replacement and you must reach out to your supervisor or the district’s human resources department in order to request that your leave time be returned.

Where can I find childcare? Will LAUSD offer childcare to employees?

LAUSD will be providing free child care at school sites for children (5 years or older) of district employees.

If your child is younger than 5 years old, our union secured an agreement with LAUSD for the district to provide workers with a $500/month stipend to help with child care costs. Read more here 

 Will all employees receive hero pay for returning to campus? If so, how much?

 Since December 10, 2020, all SEIU Local 99 members who were required to report to a physical worksite received additional pay of $5.00 per hour. This will continue until everyone is mandated to return to campus on April 26, 2021. Our bargaining team is pushing to extend this agreement.

 Will we be receiving a wage increase?

 Our bargaining team is preparing to begin full contract negotiations this spring. These negotiations will include our wages, benefits, and working conditions.

 Will there be weekly COVID-19 tests for students and staff? Is it required for staff to get tested even if they are vaccinated?

 To ensure everyone’s safety, it is mandatory for all staff to get tested weekly, even if you have been vaccinated. However, vaccinations are not mandated.

Will weekly testing be off-site? Will I get paid for my travel time if I need to go off-site for a test?

The district is providing COVID-19 testing, including a mobile testing van that will be going to schools for students and staff to get tested on site. All staff will be tested during work hours and will get paid. You will get 2 hours for COVID-19 testing and 3 hours if you are getting vaccinated. If you get the vaccine and start developing symptoms you will receive 3 days of MSND (Miscellaneous Natural Disaster) time. If you miss any workdays due to any issues related to COVID-19 your benefitted time will not be used.

 How will social distancing be enforced among staff members and students?

 LAUSD is mandating the 6 feet distance rule. If you are caring for vulnerable students in a special needs situation this rule may vary depending on your student.

 What procedures must be followed if someone tests positive for COVID-19?

By law, LAUSD must notify the union and workers at the site. If you were exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, the district will contact you directly. They will not release any names. If it is determined that a COVID-19 outbreak occurred at your worksite (3 or more cases within 14 days) the site may need to be shut down and you will be notified.

Will we be serving meals to students?

Cafeteria workers will prepackage meals and students will pick up their meals inside their classrooms. No food will be served to students or staff inside the cafeteria.

Will workers have access to breakrooms to use the refrigerator and microwave to store and heat food brought from home?

Workers will be able to use microwaves and fridges with the understanding that they will use a baby wipe and wash their hands after use of this equipment to remain in compliance with the L.A. Dept of Public Health requirements.

 Do I have to share with other staff and parents about receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine?

 No, you do not have to share any information with anyone about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Inform SEIU Local 99 if you have been questioned about getting vaccinated by completing an online inquiry form.

 Am I required to check students’ temperatures?

Temperature checks are done through a non-contact forehead thermometer. If you are assigned to check students’ temperatures, it must be in your job description or additional temporary duties assigned to your job.

Do I need to complete my first aid/CPR requirement before returning to work in person?

If your job requires first aid/CPR certification, you are required to have it completed before returning to work on campus. SEIU Local 99 is offering free classes through the American Red Cross. However, due to COVID restrictions, capacity is limited. To inquire about availability please contact

LAUSD is offering classes to members who need to meet the First Aid/CPR requirement. The cost is $10.00 for the K-12 course and $20 for the pediatric course.

The class schedules and registration information are below:

First Aid/CPR Classes for members in K-12 schools

Pediatric First Aid/CPR – for members in Early Education, Infant and Primary Care Centers 

Will LAUSD Bus Drivers be paid Average Pay Time (APT)? Even if our hours are reduced?

 All drivers will be receiving their APT time once your route starts. If your route has not started yet, you will receive your regular hours until your route starts.

What are the guidelines around students and staff who will be riding on the bus?

 All guidelines will be the same whether in class or on the bus. Students and staff will be expected to still follow the 6 feet distance rule.

Who will be checking temperatures before entering the bus? Who will be cleaning the busses?

 These duties will be done on a voluntary basis by bus drivers. Drivers who chose to perform these additional duties will receive two hours of additional pay.







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