ATTENTION: On Tuesday, May 18 LAUSD Board President Kelly Gonez will be presenting the “Clean Safe and Sanitary Schools For All” resolution. Our SEIU Local 99 President Conrado Guerrero and member Andrea Quiroga, a Building & Grounds Worker, will be speaking in support of the resolution calling on the state to dedicate funding and set standards for school cleanliness.

The board will be voting on the resolution that day!

We are calling on the state to enact cleaning standards at schools NOW!

During this pandemic, it has become abundantly clear that classified employees are the spinal cord of our schools. Our members have kept our schools running, our students fed, our campuses clean and safe, and provided much-needed support for students, teachers, and families.

School workers who clean and maintain schools have struggled with staffing cuts for years. This has created a hazardous and unwelcoming school environment – even before COVID-19. Lower-income students and students of color are most affected – and this affects their learning and their relationship to the school. If we are truly committed to equity, we need to make sure that all of our schools are well taken care of and that the people who work and go to school there feel that the school is a special place.

SEIU members play a crucial role in transforming our schools into engines of equity. Moving forward, we must have all the tools we need to support every student.

Currently, there are no cleaning and sanitation standards in our schools. Dollars have been allocated broadly for issues such as hygiene, ventilation, and enforcement, but there remain no clear cleaning guidelines, despite the existence of generally accepted recommendations. We urge adopting statewide minimum cleanliness standards so that all students and our workers can return to a safe, clean, and welcoming learning environment.

LAUSD’s resolution is a step in the right direction to ensure the state dedicates funding to school cleanliness and staffing.