SEIU Local 99 members spoke with legislators during virtual lobby visits, made calls and sent emails to Governor Newsom and showed our strength as essential workers throughout the pandemic. This moved the Governor to increase funding for education in his May Revise Budget.

The “May Revison” is the Governor’s proposal for how he proposes to spend state funding for the period of July 1, 2021 to June 30th 2022. What he proposes in the May Revision isn’t set in stone, but becomes his point of negotiation with both houses (Senate and Assembly) of the state legislature. All three parties – the Governor, the Senate and the Assembly will come together and develop one final budget.

The Legislature must vote on the budget by June 15. We must continue to make our voices heard!

The May revision includes funding that focuses on closing the learning gap that was significantly increased during the pandemic and dedicated dollars to fully reopen schools. Once the budget is approved, the funds in the state budget get dispersed to local school districts and agencies. This is the money that will be play in our contract negotiations.

Below is the summary of the Governor’s May Revision budget proposal.