Hero compensation has been ratified and members are eligible to receive up to $2,000 depending on their assignment.

Santa Monica Malibu Unified members were on the frontlines disinfecting schools throughout the pandemic, preparing campuses for students’ safe return, and helping families in need. They were deemed essential workers, but the district would not recognize their work with hero pay. Members never gave up. They shared their stories, spoke out at school board meetings, signed petitions, and stood strong at the bargaining table. It paid off. On June 11, members ratified a new agreement that secures hero pay.

Depending on their assignment, members will receive additional pay of between $1500 – $2000.

Read the details of the agreement, including eligibility criteria here.

This is just the beginning. Members will now head into full contract negotiations fueled by the momentum of this win.

Maintenance Worker and SEIU Local 99 Member Henry Plasencia, who was a courageous and unrelenting voice for hero pay, encourages members to stand up and demand more at the bargaining table.

“We need to continue this fight… it’s not over. We deserve more and now is the time to come together and send a message.”