UPDATE: Our Bargaining Team met with LAUSD on July 12 to discuss payment of the bonuses and retroactive pay we negotiated in our agreement. We are pushing the district to expedite these checks. While they still couldn’t provide us with a definite date, they did state that the $750 bonus checks will be paid first, and the retroactive pay will be paid later.

We let the district know about the difficult times that members go through, especially during the summer months, and that we need a date of when members can expect checks. Be assured that our bargaining team will continue to hold the district accountable for timely payment. They stated that they will provide us with a timeline. Stay tuned for more updates.


Thousands of members cast their votes and approved the agreement with LAUSD that includes ongoing wage increases plus a bonus. The agreement includes:

  • $1/hour ongoing wage increase – paid retroactively to July 1, 2019
  • $750 bonus for all members who worked in 2019-2020 to the present.
  • “Us Too” clause – ensures that if any other LAUSD bargaining unit, including teachers, receives any off-cycle increase for 2019-2020 that is bigger than the one SEIU Local 99 members receive, then all Local 99 members will immediately receive an equal additional wage increase.

Read the full language of the agreement here. Unit B, Unit C, Unit F, Unit G.

Remember, this is the third raise in our 2017-20 contract. Members received increases of between 6-8% in the first two years.

Now that members have ratified the agreement, SEIU Local 99 has reached out to the district to get a date on when they will distribute retroactive pay and bonus checks. Stay tuned for more information.

We’re not done yet! In the next few months we’ll begin negotiations for our  2021-23 contract. Let’s stay union strong to keep winning more!

“This agreement recognizes the hard work and dedication of SEIU Local 99 members who contribute to student learning every day and who have kept our schools going throughout this pandemic,” said SEIU Local 99 President and LAUSD Building Engineer Conrado Guerrero.

“This is a great step forward and a great way to end a challenging school year,” said Elizabeth Thomas-Parker, SEIU Local 99 Vice President and LAUSD Special Education Assistant. “Next, we’ll be heading into negotiations for our full contract. We’ve got great momentum. Let’s stay strong and ready to take action.”

Our SEIU Local 99 Bargaining Team:

  • Max Arias, SEIU99 Exec. Director
  • Conrado Guerrero, Building Engineer / SEIU 99 President
  • Elizabeth Thomas-Parker, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU99 Vice President
  • Marisol Aguilar, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU 99 Exec. Board Member
  • Tony Ahumada, Truck Driver
  • Deborah Hamilton, Building & Grounds Worker
  • Jesus Bernal, Mechanic
  • Gilbert Feliciano, Special Ed. Asst.
  • Robinson Landeta, Fleet Storekeeper
  • John Lewis, Bus Driver / SEIU99 Exec. Board Member
  • Haydee Malacas, Community Rep.
  • Virginia Miranda, Sign Language Interpreter
  • Ken Ng, IT Field Services Tech.
  • Lori Oshiro, Speech Language Pathology Asst.
  • Santos Robles, IT Solution Tech.
  • Ryan Jack, Special Ed. Asst.
  • Teresa Thomas, Food Service Worker
  • Jannette Verbera, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU99 Exec. Board Member
  • Bart Weil, Special Ed. Asst. / SEIU99 Exec. Board Member
  • Margaret Williams, Food Service Worker