Update on Summer Bridge Fund Payout for 2021

If you applied and were approved for the 2021 Summer Bridge Fund program, you should be receiving your payout funds in mid July. 

We are aware that LAUSD has notified members that the state is only matching $.66 for each dollar contributed. If you have received this notification from LAUSD or any other employer, IT IS NOT CORRECT!

The 66-cent match was calculated before Governor Gavin Newsom signed the state budget into law. Governor Newsom approved more funds for the summer bridge program in the new budget and the CA Department of Education, which administers the summer fund money, notified our union that the match would be restored.

We also understand that members who applied this year to participate in the 2022 Summer Bridge Program have been receiving confirmation notices from LAUSD stating that the match for next year will be $.80 on the dollar. THIS IS ALSO INCORRECT.

Last week, Governor Newsom approved a new budget that increases funding for  the Summer Bridge program and the match will go up.

Please note that SEIU Local 99 is reaching out to the Dept. of Education and school districts to ensure that members are paid fully for the Summer Bridge program money they are owed. 

UPDATE: We have been notified by LAUSD that members participating in the Summer Bridge Fund program will receive the increase in matching funds on August 16, 2021. The district made the first payments to program participants  on July 16, 2021 using the State’s estimated match provided in April 2020 of $0.66 per dollar.  However, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a state budget in June that increased the amount to $0.99 per dollar. Members who received payouts at the .66-cent amount on July 16 can expect to see the difference paid on August 16.

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