LACCD calls workers essential, but district’s “best” wage offer is an insult!

The Los Angeles Community College District has offered SEIU Local 99 members what they call their “last, best and final” offer for the 2020-23 contract. And, frankly, it’s an insult. Their “best offer” still puts workers way below the wage standards for custodians in other college districts. 

After they called custodians and other workers essential and hailed them as heroes during this pandemic, this is the best they can do?

We don’t think so. But the district refuses to budge. So, negotiations with LACCD have reached an impasse. That means we have reached a point in bargaining where any future meetings would be unproductive.

 What happens next?

  •  Mediation: A neutral mediator will be selected to work with our Union and the District to attempt to reach an agreement. If we can’t reach an agreement with the mediator, the next step is fact-finding.
  •  Fact-Finding: All the facts are reviewed to determine the fairness of our demands. The mediator will look at the district’s budget, our wages, hours and working conditions compared with other similar employers.

 After all that, what if we still can’t reach an agreement?

If the impasse process does not produce a settlement, the District will have the right to impose their last, best, and final offer and SEIU Local 99 workers will have the right to strike over the District’s failure to meet our demands in negotiations.

Take Action!

Members at LACCD: Take the pledge to stand strong for respect and fair wages at LACCD. We are Essential, Not Expendable. Sign the pledge HERE.

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