Why we are Saying NO to the Wasteful, Partisan Recall

Governor Gavin Newsom has stood with education workers to protect jobs, keep our communities safe and invest in quality schools and child care. 

Now, anti-worker extremists and Trump supporters want to take it all away. 

Decades of hard-won progress are at stake if Gov. Newsom is recalled,  including increased pay, the summer bridge fund, increased funding for custodians and paraprofessionals, historic investment in public education, expanded access to child care.

Read more about the attack on our progress HERE

Working with the Governor and the Legislature, our members have led California to a once-in-a-generation recovery plan that will build a better future for all of our families, including:

  • Issuing a statewide mandate that allocated 40% of all vaccine doses to our most vulnerable communities.
  • The “Golden State Stimulus” of $600 for everyone earning below $75,000.Achieving universal pre-K for all California children.
  • Guaranteed every worker had pandemic paid sick leave.
  • Protected millions of renters from eviction.
  • $12 billion to support unhoused Californians and increase affordable housing to address homelessness and support affordable housing.
  • Signed a law allowing 50,000 child care providers, largely women of color, to vote for their own union.

Just Vote NO on the recall of Gov. Newsom.  Let’s protect our progress and keep moving forward! 

“There’s too much at stake to sit this out. If the recall backers are successful, we’ll lose many of the hard-fought gains we’ve made on higher wages and safety on the job. Vote NO on the anti-union recall!”

Elizabeth Thomas-Parker, Vice President of SEIU Local 99 and a Special Education Assistant with the Los Angeles Unified School District

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