We will soon begin negotiations with Santa Monica Malibu Unified for our next full contract. Our wages, hours, working conditions and other issues affecting our jobs are on the line. The first step to winning a strong contract is electing our bargaining team.

Who is on the bargaining team?

The bargaining team is made up of the Chief Steward and nine other members. To ensure that there is a wide representation of jobs, voices and experiences, the team of nine members will be comprised of three members from each of the following job classification groups as outlined in our contract (Article 2):

  • All regular office, technical and business service classified staff
  • All regular operations support classified staff
  • All regular instructional assistant and paraprofessional classified staff.

What is the nomination and election process for the bargaining team?

All members in good standing may vote and run for a seat on the bargaining team. The Call for Nominations for members wishing to be part of the bargaining team will open at midnight on Monday, August 23 and close at 8pm on Friday, August 27.  If you are not yet a member of SEIU Local 99, you can sign-up here

You may nominate yourself or another member or members by submitting a form that will be available on this web page starting on August 23. Employees on probation are not eligible to be nominated or vote. After verifying membership and confirming that candidates accept their nomination, there will be an election for contested seats.

What is the role of the bargaining team?

Our bargaining team reviews input from members, develops contract proposals and negotiates directly with the district. Members on the bargaining team are on the frontlines of negotiations and are required to attend planning meetings, bargaining sessions and other activities to ensure we win a strong contract. Members of the team are granted special union leave and are paid their regular wages during times when they must miss work in order to participate in bargaining.

Winning a strong contract is up to all of us!

We’re excited to be moving forward with the election of our negotiations team. But keep in mind that while the role of this team is important, winning a strong contract will be up to all members. The district needs to know that behind the ten members on our bargaining team, there are hundreds of members ready to take action.

SMMUSD Bargaining Team Election Form