We did it! Working people beat back the recall of Gov. Newsom

SEIU Local 99 members reached out to voters and beat back the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. Together with SEIU members across California, we made over 4.8 million phone calls and knocked on over 400,000 doors.

But this election was about more than just one person.

By voting NO on the recall, we made our voices heard for:

  • Quality education – from child care to K-12 schools to community college campuses, Governor Newsom has ensured historic funding levels for education and those of us who contribute to student learning.
  • Good Jobs – From funding for the summer bridge program to pandemic relief, hero pay and increases to the minimum wage, we’ve worked in partnership with the Governor to continue to improve our livelihoods.
  • Health & Safety – From the outset of the pandemic, Gov. Newsom ensured PPE, emergency paid time off and priority access to testing and vaccines for essential workers. We’ll continue to support and encourage vaccination efforts to keep workers, students, families and our communities safe and, finally, put an end to this pandemic.
  • Racial Justice and Women’s Rights – It’s clear that the proponents of the recall would have set-back our efforts to advance and improve our Black and Brown communities and, in particular, the lives of working women. But we voted against the politics of hate and division.

Let’s keep moving forward.

We still have a lot to do to ensure a safe recovery for all. We’re fighting to make sure all students have access to an excellent public education. We’re fighting for access to affordable child care for families. And we’ve got contract negotiations coming up to fight for increased staffing levels, hours, wages and more.

Together, we can do it. This election proved that when we fight, we win!

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