Our bargaining team has been in negotiations with LAUSD regarding bus drivers disinfecting their buses.

LAUSD is proposing an agreement that includes:

1) All Heavy Bus Drivers and Light Bus Drivers (“Bus Drivers”), who transport students on their bus, will disinfect their bus at the end of each workday.

2) Disinfecting shall include a wipe down of all high touch surfaces of the bus at the end of the Bus Drivers’ workday.

3) Supplies to disinfect buses will be supplied to all Bus Drivers and shall include: Approved disinfectant, Paper towels, Disposable gloves, Face mask.

4) Bus Drivers will receive a $50 per day stipend to complete this task.  This is a total of $250/week. Additionally, all Bus Drivers will be paid for their actual time worked to perform this task in a reasonable amount of time.

Members must vote on this agreement. Only SEIU Local 99 member LAUSD Bus Drivers may vote. Voting will take place online from Tuesday, September 21 at 6am through Wednesday, September 22 at 5pm.

 It is critical that you cast your vote. Our bargaining team is recommending a yes vote to accept this agreement. Keep in mind that if an agreement is not reached, the district will be contracting out this work.

Voting has concluded as of Sept. 22, 5 pm.