From Max Arias, SEIU Local 99 Executive Director:

“As LAUSD’s vaccination mandate takes effect, members of SEIU Local 99 continue in negotiations with LAUSD regarding the district’s staffing plans and the impact this will have on student services and the workers who deliver them.

The district’s vaccination mandate has exposed the shortcomings of a system built on a part time workforce. The district must meet any staffing shortages by first expanding the hours and schedules of dedicated custodians, food service workers, special education assistants and other essential and experienced LAUSD school workers.

Additionally, the district must leave the doors open for workers who have not yet received the vaccine. By pushing for termination, the district is taking a punitive approach that will deny workers re-employment rights. Many of them are the same workers who just a year ago were hailed as heroes for feeding families and supporting our communities during the height of the pandemic. The district’s vaccination mandate has, in effect, created a reduction-in-force and LAUSD should honor the rights of workers by following the process which would grant them up to 39-months to return to work as long as they are vaccinated.”

SEIU Local 99 represents nearly 30,000 workers at LAUSD, including food service workers, custodians, bus drivers, teacher assistants, special education assistants and others providing vital student services.