LAUSD’s vaccine mandate has worsened the district’s staffing shortage and exposed the district’s lack of planning. Now, they’re scrambling to provide critical student services and forcing classified employees to take-on the extra load.

Even before the pandemic, there were thousands of open positions at LAUSD. Now, the vaccine mandate has led to the departure of nearly 1000 additional workers.

The district is responding to the staffing crisis with a surge of sub-contracting to outside vendors, adding duties to already overworked employees and mandating overtime. This is not a viable plan!

We demand:

  • Increased work hours and bases. For too long LAUSD has taken advantage of a part time workforce. The district needs to change it’s existing structure to meet staffing needs. More 8-hour jobs, more months of work. This is full time work. It should be a full time job!
  • Equitable wages now! LAUSD has called us essential, yet we remain the lowest paid workers in the district – even hero pay for those on the frontlines has not been equitable with other units.
  • Stop the subcontracting. Before hiring outside vendors, dedicated workers with years of experience at LAUSD should be hired first. Increase hours and permanent work!

LAUSD can fix the staffing crisis and ensure safe, clean and supportive schools for all students by ensuring good, permanent, full time jobs for dedicated education workers – now!

Let’s send a strong message to LAUSD: Wear purple on Thursdays!
Starting this week on November 4, purple-up and post your photos on social media with the hashtag #PartTimeWon’tWorkAtLAUSD