LAUSD continues to make unilateral decisions that affect SEIU Local 99’s members’ working conditions. This week, the district called  for all employees and students to be tested for COVID-19 and present negative results before returning to work on January 11. 

Safety is a priority and we support testing to help combat the spread of COVID-19. But we demanded to bargain with the district on how they are implementing this latest requirement. Our bargaining team is continuing to meet with the district. 

Our demands to LAUSD:

  • Workers must be paid while they are waiting for their COVID test results. Due to the current Omicron surge, we know testing centers are overwhelmed and results can take 2-5 days. No one should lose pay or benefits while they wait for results.
  • Workers testing on Monday, January 10 must be paid their regular wages for a full day – no matter what time they take the test. The district says workers testing after 11am on Monday must use their sick time or other leave. We say,  no way. The district rushed to issue this mandate and did not give workers sufficient notice. 
  • LAUSD must  provide all workers with the required surgical grade or higher masks on a daily basis. Disposable surgical masks should not be re-used. If the district does not provide you with the appropriate mask, you have the right to refuse to work due to safety concerns. Document the incident and report it to SEIU Local 99 using this form.  

Important points to keep in mind: 

  • If you choose to be tested  at an LAUSD site before January 10, you will be paid your regular wages for two-hours of your time. 
  • Results from home rapid-tests are only accepted for students. Employees cannot submit home test results.
  • More info on LAUSD testing sites here.
  • According to our previous agreements with the district, if you test positive for COVID-19, you must quarantine at home for ten days and you will be paid without having to use your sick time, vacation or other benefit time. 

As we move toward the start of the new semester and continue to face a surge in COVID-19 cases,  members must continue monitoring the situation. Report any issues that may arise impacting your health and safety using this form

Stay tuned for updates. Let’s make sure the district listens to the voices of front line classified school workers before they implement any new mandates.