More Pay for Child Care Providers–everything you need to know!

A major component of higher pay that Child Care Providers United members won in our contract is supplemental pay, to add to the per-child rates we get for caring for subsidized children.

With 99.10% of all CCPU members who participated in the ratification process voting YES, we collectively approved the Supplemental Pay we won in our contract!

After thousands of phone calls to the Governor’s office, signed petitions, and meetings with the State, we proved the more we come together through our union, and speak up for what we deserve, the greater victories we build!


  • The supplemental funds will come in the form of a lump sum this year, and monthly next fiscal year. The lump sum will be based on license type.
  • Eligibility to receive the supplemental funds will be based on the following criteria: 
    • Licensed providers must have had at least one subsidized child during 3 of the 6 months from May to October 2021 and 
    • FFN providers must have had a subsidized child from August to October 2021.
  • How much are you eligible for?
    • Eligible small licensed family child care providers that care for no more than 8 children will receive $8,000. 
    • Eligible large licensed family child care providers that care for no more than 14 children will receive $10,000.
    • License-exempt child care providers who are eligible will receive $1,500.

Please visit the Foundation for California Community Colleges webpage for information on eligibility, and how you will receive your payment. 

Who is the Foundation for California Community Colleges and why are you receiving the payment from them?

  • The Foundation for California Community Colleges is the official nonprofit auxiliary partner to the California Community Colleges. The organization’s work benefits colleges, students, and communities, and aims to promote more equitable outcomes for all Californians. The state is contracting with the Foundation to distribute the supplemental payments that CCPU won.

We’re not done yet! We will continue to have a powerful voice to improve our livelihoods and the services we provide. We must continue to build our power through our union to win on critical issues needed to stabilize our child care system such as health care, retirement, and permanent funding ensuring all families can access affordable quality child care. 

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