We are concerned that LAUSD has made announcements to the media that they are lifting the masking mandate without first completing negotiations with SEIU Local 99 members.This is in violation of our agreement which requires that the district negotiate with us over any changes to COVID-19 safety protocols. We had one negotiations session with the district on Friday, March 18 over this issue and members voiced their safety concerns. But instead of working with us to find solutions, the district has made a unilateral decision that is only based on their discussions with teachers.The district must listen to the voices of frontline workers and complete negotiations with us to address safety concerns. Local 99 members’ concerns are valid and they should serve as a guide on what practices the district must adopt given that Local 99 members are critical to ensuring a safe, clean and supportive school environment.We are demanding that LAUSD not implement any changes to its current mask mandate or any of its current COVID-19 policies until we complete bargaining over the impact of the masking mandate and any other changes to COVID-19 safety protocols.Stay tuned for more and be ready to take action.