Agreement Reached with LAUSD Over Lifting of Indoor Mask Mandate

Our SEIU Local 99 bargaining team met with LAUSD today, March 22, 2020 to negotiate over the impact of the lifting of the mask mandate. We let the district know that their announcement last week to lift the mandate was premature because the safety concerns of SEIU Local 99 members had not been addressed.

We are happy to report that we reached an agreement that includes the voices of frontline classified school employees.  Our new agreement works in tandem with our return to school agreement. It clarifies changes and re-enforces safety protocols.  The district will move forward with lifting the masking mandate on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 with the following provisions:

  • The district will provide masks, including KN95 and N95 to any employee upon request.

  • SEIU Local 99 members working with students in special education programs, including health care settings, will be provided additional personal protective equipment upon request, including medical grade masks, face shields, gloves and gowns.

  • The masking requirement will continue for students and staff in Early Education Centers.

  • Safety Committees will continue to meet and monitor COVID cases to ensure frontline workers have a voice in ongoing plans, protocols and responses to outbreaks throughout the school community, including in school buses, food services, maintenance, etc.

  • Current cleaning and disinfecting protocols will remain to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff.

  • Any worker who loses compensation as a result of the mask policy change or is otherwiseaffected adversely by this change, should notify SEIU Local 99 immediately by completing this form. LAUSD agrees that they will promptly work with our union to address the concern.

  • The District will make every effort to conduct weekly PCR COVID-19 testing for all students and staff through the end of the 2021-22 school year.

  • The District will provide take-home COVID-19 tests for all school-based staff and students before Spring Break.  Tests results should be provided no earlier than 48-hours before returning after the break.

We stood strong to ensure that the voices of essential workers were heard and will continue to be heard as we move through this pandemic.Keep in mind that while masking requirements are lifted, masking is still strongly encouraged. As we have throughout this crisis, safety should continue to be a priority. 

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