For over five decades, California has been inequitable in the funding of our public schools, benefiting those in more affluent communities, all while placing those in poorer communities at a disadvantage.

During this time, California has been utilizing the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) method for calculating school funding.

ADA is calculated by taking the total attendance and dividing it by the number of school days in session. Only days in which a student is under the guidance and direction of certificated teachers are counted. ADA is always equal to or less than enrollment because students may be absent (whether excused or unexcused).

This severely impacts schools that serve children from low-income families by financially penalizing schools and it’s students for poor attendance. Families in these communities are far more likely to suffer from health related issues, including asthma, dental disease, obesity, and other chronic illnesses that may lead to absences.

Lack of reliable transportation also leads to absenteeism. Instead of helping these schools and students with additional support to address the absentee issues, ADA punishes these students, further holding them back at achieving the kind of life a life a good education can provide.

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