It’s On! Contract Negotiations Begin with LAUSD

On April 7, 2022, members on our SEIU Local 99 Bargaining Team began negotiations with LAUSD for our next full contract.

We presented a proposal for equitable health care benefits for members in Units F & G and followed-up on our demand for respectful treatment for all workers.

In the coming weeks, our team will be presenting proposals to ensure clean, safe and supportive schools for all by:

Improving Wages and Benefits to ensure the district can retain and recruit more classified staff. LAUSD must recognize that we are essential workers every day.

Increasing Work Hours The district must stop relying on part time work to deliver full time services to students.

Improving school cleanliness, health and safety LAUSD needs to pay more and hire more staff to sanitize schools, serve healthy meals, ensure student safety on school buses, and more!

Increasing academic support for all students and families with more special education assistants, in-house BIIs, teacher assistants, after school program workers and more!

Stopping the privatization of student services No more outside subcontractors that jeopardize safety. Let’s hire, train and promote dedicated LAUSD workers.

Learn more about our campaign here.

Let’s stand strong and get ready to take action for a fair and equitable contract!

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