After receiving hundreds of email messages from SEIU Local 99 members, LAUSD has decided to pull the school bus subcontracting proposal from the May 10, 2022 school board meeting agenda.

The board will NOT be voting on the expansion of transportation subcontracting – for now.  We must stay strong and stay ready to keep fighting for good union jobs and quality student services provided by dedicated LAUSD workers, not by for-profit, outside companies.


Instead of increasing work hours and improving pay, LAUSD is proposing to spend nearly half-billion dollars on contracting out school bus driver jobs.

The LAUSD school board is voting on this outrageous subcontracting proposal on Tuesday, May 10. Send them a message now by clicking here.

LAUSD staff says they need to contract out our jobs because they cannot fill current vacancies. What about improving staff recruitment and retention by raising wages and increasing full time jobs?

Students need the safety and stability of dedicated and experienced LAUSD workers – not more outside companies.

Our union bargaining team has made a proposal to support student transportation by working together to proactively recruit and hire new drivers. But LAUSD has rejected our proposal, offered no solutions, and is instead pushing for the outsourcing of our work.

If they get away with more privatizing of school transportation, what’s next? 

Send your email message to the board now. It’s easy just click here