SEIU Local 99 Members Made a Difference in LAUSD Board Election

“The cafeteria workers, custodians, special education assistants, bus drivers and other members of SEIU Local 99 are proud of the work we did in the primary election. Over the last two months, we knocked on thousands of doors through our neighborhood canvassing efforts and also contacted voters via phone, mail and online about electing champions for clean, safe and supportive LAUSD schools. 

We were the strongest boots-on-the-ground effort throughout East Los Angeles, West Los Angeles and the East San Fernando Valley and our work made a difference in re-electing Nick Melvoin to the school board and advancing Kelly Gonez and Maria Brenes to the general election. 

Kelly Gonez, Nick Melvoin and Maria Brenes have proven to be leaders for the entire school community. They share in SEIU Local 99’s belief that you can’t have quality schools without full support for students inside and outside the classroom. 

Kelly Gonez recognizes that the school environment plays a big role in student achievement. As Board President, she has led efforts to increase custodial staffing for improved campus safety, invest in early education and child care, improve special education services and recognize essential workers.

Nick Melvoin has demonstrated his openness to including all voices in the effort to improve our public schools. During his tenure on the school board, he has been a strong voice for equity and an advocate for frontline workers and the essential student services we provide. 

We are inspired by Maria Brenes’ commitment to improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all students. Throughout her career with Inner City Struggle, she has been a partner with SEIU Local 99 members in the fight to improve nutrition, transportation, after school, parent engagement and other essential programs at LAUSD.

We’re ready to expand our voter outreach efforts to elect Maria Brenes and Kelly Gonez  in the general election in November.” 


SEIU Local 99 represents 50,000 K-12, early education and higher education workers throughout Southern California, including nearly 30,000 special education assistants, teacher assistants, custodians, food service workers, bus drivers and other essential workers at the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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