Bus drivers sent a strong message to the school district that part time won’t work at LAUSD. Over 93% of voters cast their ballots to approve an agreement with LAUSD that increases 8-hour positions and significantly reduces subcontracting jobs to outside, private companies.

Read the full language of the tentative agreement here.

Agreement Highlights
To make sure work is made available to district bus drivers first, the agreement calls for:

  • Offering full-time 8 hr/day, 40 hrs/week work to all LAUSD bus drivers. This will be phased-in as follows:
    • No less than 50% of part time bus drivers will be offered full-time work in 2022-23 school year
    • No less than 75% of part time drivers will be offered full-time work in 2023-24 school year
    • 100% of part time drivers will be offered full-time work in 2024-25 school year
  • Full time work will be offered by seniority
  • All bus routes will be available for bid by District drivers, before they are offered to any outside contractor.
  • No routes will be offered to contractors until the LAUSD bidding process is complete.
  • SEIU Local 99 will support LAUSD in the hiring process to end the staffing shortage and the need for subcontracting.
  • Available District Bus Drivers will be offered temporary additional hours and overtime before such work is provided to contractors.

It’s not over yet!
This agreement is a side letter addressing work hours and subcontracting. Our bargaining team will continue to negotiate for wage increases and other improvements in our ongoing full contract negotiations. Let’s keep moving forward! Support our bargaining team by joining the Contract Action Team here.