SEIU Local 99 and our union partners on the Health Benefits Committee have reached an agreement with LAUSD that ensures the necessary funding of our health benefits at the district through 2023 and beyond.

As part of the agreement for SEIU Local 99 members in Units B and C, LAUSD will increase its contributions to the health benefit fund for active and retired pre-medicare enrollees by 9.2%.

By the 2023 plan year, contribution levels will rise to the following amounts:

  • $15,306 per active employee
  • $22,337 per pre-medicare retiree

In addition, the district will contribute $5,065 per medicare eligible retiree. This is a reduction in the previous contribution amount due to benefit savings for that group and will not result in any change to retiree benefits.

These contribution levels are projected to be well above the amount required to cover the expected increase to the cost of benefits through at least 2023. This means that SEIU Local 99 members will continue to pay $0 out of pocket for health benefits during the life of this agreement.

The benefit fund also continues to hold a $100 million dollar reserve.

For this agreement to go into effect, members in Unit B and C must vote ‘Yes’ to ratify it. See voting information below.

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Bargained With Union Power!

It’s not due to the generosity of employers that we have this agreement before us.

No, it’s our union—the members who take part in negotiating collective bargaining agreements, members who support their efforts at the table with worksite actions, and our power in numbers—that make it happen.

Remember: power concedes nothing without a demand.

Ratification Vote Information

Who Can Vote

Only active SEIU Local 99 members working in LAUSD Units B and C are eligible to vote.

If you have not yet signed an SEIU Local 99 membership card and would like to vote, the deadline to apply for membership and receive a ballot is August 12.

Apply for Membership

When to Vote

Voting opens August 15 and closes August 19. Ballots will be sent to eligible voters via email and text message on August 15.

Where to Vote

Voting will take place online. All eligible voters will receive an email, text message or both at the email address and mobile phone number on record on August 15.

If you do not receive a ballot, the most likely reason is that your email address or mobile phone number on record is incorrect, outdated or not on record. Click or tap the button below to fill out a ballot request form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this agreement about?

This Health Benefit Agreement (HBA) sets the funding and administrative terms of your LAUSD health benefits. The HBA is a master agreement between the district and all LAUSD employee unions, including employees in Local 99 units B & C and is negotiated separately from your full collective bargaining agreement with the district. The HBA determines, among other things, how much the district contributes to cover the cost of your health care.

Who negotiated this agreement?

This agreement was negotiated between representatives from LAUSD and a union bargaining team composed of representatives from each union covered by the HBA. The representatives from Local 99 were three members and one staff person.

What is the Health Benefit Committee mentioned in the agreement?

The Health Benefit Committee (HBC) is a body consisting of representatives from LAUSD, employee unions, and a benefits consultant. The most important purpose of the HBC is to conduct what’s called plan design, which essentially means that it plays an active role in selecting and approving the benefit plans available to members and managing the cost of coverage.

Don’t I get my health benefits through my Local 99 union contract?

Yes and no. Your union contract gives you access to the benefits provided as part of the Health Benefit Agreement (HBA). The HBA is what determines those benefits (e.g., how much the District contributes to them, who makes decisions about them, etc.).

Will this agreement change my health coverage? Will I have to pay for my health insurance now?

Absolutely not! On the contrary, this new agreement will ensure that your current level of benefits will remain unchanged through 2023.

What do all those contribution amounts in the agreement mean?

The contribution amounts are the amount per qualifying member that the District will contribute on a yearly basis toward the health benefit fund. The fund is used to pay for individual member benefit plans. Currently, all LAUSD employees covered by the HBA receive full employer-sponsored health benefits and this agreement adjusts the contribution levels to ensure that remains the case.

My job is in either unit B or C, but I don’t qualify for District-sponsored health benefits. Why not?

Your assignment must meet certain work hours and status conditions to qualify for District benefit coverage. Those conditions are described in the Local 99 union contract for your unit. Please review your contract and if you feel you have been disqualified in error, contact your organizer or fill out an Inquiry Form immediately.

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