LAUSD Student Acceleration Days

The 2022-23 school year at LAUSD will include four additional, optional school days that the district is calling student acceleration days (Oct 19, Dec 7, 2022 and March 15, April 19, 2023). These days are meant to help students catch-up and address some of the learning loss that occurred during the pandemic. 

As education workers, we support the acceleration days and all efforts to help our students succeed. Our union participated in conversations with LAUSD about this change in the instructional calendar and we believe the additional days are a benefit for both students and staff. Students will be able to get the extra help they need and SEIU Local 99 members will have the option to work additional days. Members at LAUSD should expect to hear from the district soon on the process for signing-up to work accelerated days.  

The extended school year is a good start to address the academic and emotional issues students suffered during the pandemic. But we need to continue to work together for long-term solutions. With the shortage of classified staff, we know students have been dealing with achievement gaps, attendance issues, mental health concerns and other issues even before the pandemic began. That’s why in our current contract negotiations with LAUSD we are fighting for improved wages, more full-time hours and increased staffing to ensure all students can learn in clean, safe and supportive schools this year and beyond. Learn more and join our Contract Action Team here.

Frequently asked questions about a possible teacher boycott of acceleration days

Can I be asked to instruct or supervise students without a teacher present?

Non-certificated school employees cannot be assigned instructional or supervision duties in the absence of a certificated teacher. According to the California Education Code 45344 and our SEIU Local 99 contract, classified employees, including food service workers, teaching assistants, special education assistants, campus aides, playground supervisors, custodians or others, cannot do the work of teachers or other credentialed staff. It includes supervising students on their way to and from school, in the classroom, on the playground, and during recess. 

Can I refuse an assignment?

You have the right to refuse an assignment if a teacher or certificated administrator is not present. It is the District’s obligation to assign responsibility for class supervision and instruction to an employee with a teaching credential. 

Will I still be paid if I report to work but can’t compete my assignment because a teacher is not present?

It is our union’s position that the district should pay you for your scheduled hours even if you are directed to go home because a teacher or administrator is not available. You should report it to SEIU Local 99 immediately by completing this form.

Will I be paid if I choose not to work on the acceleration days?

The acceleration days are optional work days. You will not be paid if you choose not to work on those days. 

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