Bargaining Update: No Equity in LAUSD’s Wage Proposal

Our contract bargaining team met with LAUSD today, Friday September 16. The district finally came to the table with proposals on our wages and hours.

But it’s clear they’re completely ignoring our call for equity. 

They proposed a four year contract covering 2020-2024.

For 2020 they proposed NO wage increase. No wage increase during the pandemic year when SEIU Local 99 members were putting themselves at risk. Local 99 members were the only district employees at school sites. They kept the district going during the worst of times. For this, they propose ZERO! Insulting!

For 2021-22, they propose a 5% wage increase.
For 22-23, a 4% increase and a 3% one-time bonus.
For 2023-24, a 4% increase with a 3% one-time bonus.

They say it’s fair because it’s what they’ve proposed to teachers and other workers.
We say no way. Just do the math:
A 5% increase for the average classified employee is about $1350/year.
A 5% increase for a starting teacher is about $3750 more per year.
A 5% increase for an administrator is about $5000/year.

That’s not fairness and equity. That’s continuing to treat us like second class workers. The district needs to pay like the essential workers they say we are.

On top of the meager wage increase, they also rejected our proposal to increase hours. In fact, the district wants to continue to cut Local 99 members’ hours as they wish

They also said NO to layoff protections. They want to lay off workers at will.

And the district wants to continue to subcontract members’ work as they wish.

Now that we know where the district stands. We need to turn-up the heat. 

Many members have been purpling-up at worksites and setting-up picket lines before and after school.
It’s time to ramp it up and cover the entire district in purple.

Here’s what you can do:
Organize a purple day at your school or worksite. Wear purple. Show the district we’re united for real, equitable raises that respect our work. Sign-up here.

Join our Contract Action Team. Help lead the fight for equity and respect for classified school workers. Sign-up here.

Our next bargaining session is on September 21. Let’s stand united for respect, for equitable wages and more hours so we can deliver the clean, safe, supportive schools our students need.

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