Paraprofessionals at LAUSD: Know Your Rights on Work Hours & Transfers

We have received information that LAUSD may be moving to eliminate all 7 and 8 hour vacant paraprofessional positions. Furthermore, it seems that the district may be transferring employees and requesting that anyone in a 7 or 8 hour position self-demote in order to secure a position or have their transfer request honored.

If LAUSD is indeed moving forward with these changes, the district may be in violation of our contract and a Public Employment Relations Board ruling. SEIU Local 99 has reached out to the district for immediate information regarding this issue. While we continue to address it with LAUSD, it is important that you know your rights before accepting any transfer.

You should not sign any self-demotion documents.

If LAUSD is transferring you to another school site, the district must ensure that you keep your current hours assignment. If you self-demote, you could be giving-up work hours permanently.

If you have requested a transfer, you should confirm that the new assignment includes your 7 or 8 hour position before accepting the transfer.

If you are asked to transfer and/or self-demote, reach out to SEIU Local 99’s Member Resource Center by completing this form or contact the SEIU Local 99 Union Organizer in your local district:

District Northwest: Austin Pryfogle – (424) 445 6351 –

District Northeast: Ryan Martin – (213) 359 6691 –

District West: Margaret Williams – (213) 304 9684 –

District South: Ulises Leon – (213) 219 6135 – or Branden Riley – (213) 321 4551 –

District East: Karina Castillo – (213) 321 3026 – or  Jovanna Hernandez

District Central: Mecca King – (213) 321 5177 –

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