SEIU Local 99 Files Charges Against LAUSD Over Implementation of New Acceleration Days

You may have received a notice from LAUSD about the change to the school calendar and acceleration days. The district is violating the law and our rights by ignoring our agreement and moving forward to implement this unilateral change to our work hours and conditions. In response, SEIU Local 99 has filed Unfair Practice Charges against LAUSD.

Read the full language of the charges filed with the Public Employment Relations Board.

Our union and the district had already reached an agreement regarding the 2022-23 acceleration day schedule in the spring. We had agreed that Oct. 19, Dec. 7, March 15 and April 19  would be optional work days.

Two weeks ago, the district reached an agreement with teachers regarding changing the calendar and moving the optional acceleration days to winter and spring breaks. 

We respect the teachers’ process to negotiate over this issue. But the district violated the law by not bargaining with SEIU Local 99 members. They pretended to negotiate with us by presenting us with a proposal last week. But it was a sham because LAUSD had already publicly announced a change to the calendar.

It’s disrespectful. It’s against the law. And we’re fighting back.

The district is now making October 19, Dec 7, March 15 and April 19 mandatory workdays. 

If you are experiencing issues with working on October 19, the first acceleration day next week – including being asked about whether you will work or being threatened with discipline if you do not work – report it immediately to our union by completing this form.

This is about respect! As we continue in negotiations for a full contract, we will continue to take escalating actions until the district treats SEIU Local 99 members with the dignity and respect we deserve.

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  1. PennyA October 12, 2022 at 8:51 pm

    I think we should organize quick and boycott October 19. It will send a statement that LAUSD NEEDS US classified in order to operate. They can’t continue to look at us as puppets. UTLA was wrong as well for agreeing to the new dates. That’s what LAUSD SEE US AS, PUPPETS. OUR SEIU OFFICIALS SHOULD GET THE WORD OUT(SURVEY) CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEES TO SEE WHAT PERCENTAGE WILL BE WILLING TO BOYCOTT. THIS WILL ALSO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE COMMUNITY TO STAND BEHIND US.

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