Bargaining Update for Oct. 28, 2022: LAUSD Shows Some Movement – But Not Enough.

Bargaining Update: Our Actions Are Moving LAUSD – But Not Enough. Let’s Keep Pushing!

It’s clear our escalating picket lines, purple-up days, emails to the Superintendent & Board, and marches-on-the-boss are having an impact. During our contract negotiations on October 28, district offered a new wage proposal and stronger protections against lay-offs and reduction in hours. There is movement – but it’s still not enough. 

LAUSD’s new wage offer:

  • 2020 – 21 – Still ZERO! 
  • 2021 – 22 – 5% increase or $1/hour increase, whichever is greater
  • 2022-23 – 4% increase or $1/hour increase, whichever is greater + 3% one-time bonus
  • 2023-24 – 4% increase or $1/hour increase, whichever is greater + 3% one-time bonus

Not enough for our essential work! Not enough to recognize the dedication of workers with years in the district. Nothing for keeping our communities going through the pandemic. 

And on other key issues, the district is still refusing budge. LAUSD said: 

No to increasing work hours because there is no “student need” for the services we provide. Really? It’s clear the district has no idea what we do. Many SEIU Local 99 members are working off-the-clock because students need assistance before and after school. We care about students and don’t just “clock-out” when the shift is over. And what about preparation time and follow-up documentation? Much of that is done outside of regular work hours because there is not enough time. Yes, LAUSD, our students need more time to ensure their learning and safety.

No to changing work bases. Jobs that are still classified as 9 or 10-month jobs require more time. Workers in Procurement, Information Technology and other classifications are working beyond their basis. It’s time for LAUSD to update their schedules.

No to vacation cash-out or taking vacation on our time. We let the district know that they basically force us to take vacation on their time. They refuse to allow vacation during unassigned days and often reject vacation during regular school days. Vacation is time we have earned. The district must be more flexible and allow us to take it on our time. 

No to equitable health care benefits for members in Units F & G who still don’t have the same benefits as all other LAUSD employees. 

Let’s keep standing strong. The district is paying attention but we’ve got to push them to a fair contract on all our issues. 

Learn more about joining our Contract Action Team and organizing an action at your worksite here. 

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