During our bargaining session with LAUSD on November 2, the district continued to say that there is not enough “student need” to increase hours. Really? Then why are so many workers working off-the-clock?

Why are there so many Special Education Assistants who work before and after their regular shifts so students are not left alone? And why are so many being asked to work split-shifts?

What about Community Representatives who are assigned 2-3-hours of work but often stay at school more than 8 hours to help parents and students in need?

What about Campus Aides who stay long after their shift is over to ensure students are safe?

The list goes on.

And if there is not enough work, then why does the district continue to subcontract work to outside companies, instead of giving extra hours to LAUSD workers?

If you are working extra hours that you are not paid for, report it to SEIU Local 99 immediately by completing this form.

We Demand: Equitable Health Care for Units F & G!
Our team also asked LAUSD why they refuse to provide equitable health care benefits to members in Units F & G, including teacher assistants, community representatives, and after school workers? LAUSD said they’re ok with what they offer.

OK with denying thousands of workers and their families access to health care benefits? OK with creating a second-class of workers without the same benefits as all other LAUSD employees?

“They’re basically telling us to go and apply for government health care,” says Haydee Malacas, a Community Representative on our SEIU Local 99 Bargaining Team. “LAUSD claims that parent engagement is one of their top priorities. Community Reps are critical to keeping parents engaged in our schools. Then why does LAUSD think it’s ok to leave us out of benefits?”

LAUSD is digging-in. And we’re not letting-up.
There are two things you can do now:

Get-Out-the-Vote. LAUSD Board members decide on our contract, benefits and more. Join us this weekend for one final push to elect Maria Brenes and Kelly Gonez, two education champions who stand with classified school workers. Learn more and sign-up here.

Wear purple. Organize a picket line. Sign a petition at your school. Hundreds of members are taking action. Let’s keep growing. More info here.