Meet Your MAOF Negotiations Team!

During our membership meeting on October 31, we announced our MAOF Negotiations Team!

We are happy to report that the following members will be seated on the team:

EHS Teacher

Aurora Luna

I’ve been working at MAOF for over ten years. I enjoy working with children and learning from them. My hobby is hiking and I love nature. I would love to be part of the bargaining team and represent my colleagues. It’s very important to have representation.

EHS Teacher

Claudia Angel Sosa

I’ve been a teacher with MAOF for the past 23 years. The reason why I’m running is to make management aware of our situation and to make our working conditions better. This is not my first fight with MAOF. I have been a constant voice for all my colleagues. I have never backed down from a fight. And fighting for our rights it’s something I thrive on. I will glory appreciate your support in running to be part of the negotiation team. It is important to me that all of our rights are respected. Our jobs validated. Enough is enough it’s time we send the message that we are tired and fed up with the abuse we are constantly submitted to. We need to send a message loud and clear to management that we will no longer stand for low-paying jobs. Thank you for your support and I hope that I can count on you to help me fight the fight that we need for our families.

EHS Teacher

Debra Gomez

I’ve been working with MAOF for 3 years, but before that, I worked for ABC Child Development for 15 years. I was very involved with the Union. I believe in the Union and I know the Union can make a difference. I am ready to do what it takes to get a suitable contract.

HS Teacher

Adelia Escodeba

I have been with this organization for exactly 20 years. I am a single mother of 3 boys, all school age. I am 44 years young and love what I do. I know all the hard work we instill into our crafts as educators and those that give of themselves in other areas. We put heart into what we do along with our integrity and dedication. We deserve the best because we are magnificent.

HS Teacher

Rosa Hernandez (Alternate)

I was nominated to be a representative for HS Teacher. I am a temporary Teacher. I have been working for M.A.O.F. for thirteen years. I accepted this nominee to give support to Teachers and Teacher Assistants. I understand their frustrations. Frustration in their demanding and pressuring to have observations, ASQ’S, home visits, referrals, and IEP’S on dates that they are due. It is impossible for teachers to accomplish their paperwork without support. I’m in this position myself.

State Preschool Teacher

Ayda Lopez

I’ve been working for MAOF since 2018. I provide comprehensive instruction to children and develop a classroom environment that is stimulating, and fun. I teach, motivate students, and establish relationships with parents and staff. I have an AA Degree in child development. My favorite hobby is hiking. I enjoy working with my hands and working with children.

FSA/Parent Outreach/Enrollment

Juan Luis Orozco

I work and listen to teachers, FSA’s, Nutrition Aides, Custodians about their needs and have spoke out in MAOF about these issues, but If I am part of this group of 7, I have more back up in what is being heard.

FSA/Parent Outreach/Enrollment

Amelia Soto

I would like to be considered to serve my union members in the negotiation team. I have been with MAOF for 14 years and over 10 of those years I have been confronting MAOF’s HR and other key members of the MAOF management team making sure our members are respected in all areas of their work. Thank you and I hope to get your vote to continue doing what I do for our union members.

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