LAUSD Bargaining Update: It’s time to show the district how much our work is worth!

Our bargaining team met with LAUSD on December 9.  It was clear that the district has been paying attention to our school and worksite actions. LAUSD increased their wage offer by 2% – still not enough! It’s time to show them what we’re worth! Watch the video above to hear from members of our bargaining team.

Here’s LAUSD’s latest wage offer:

  • For 2020-21 – Still 0%. No wage increase!
  • For 2021-22 – 5% increase
  • For 2022-23 – 4% increase or $1.25/hour whichever greater + one-time 4% bonus
  • For 2023-23 – 4% increase or $1.25/hour whichever is greater + one-time 4% bonus

Let’s break this down a bit:

  • A 4% bonus is on average only about $1000 for most Local 99 members.
  • A 4% raise is also on average about $1000 for Local 99 members.

Inflation is sky-high! $1000 is not enough to keep-up with the cost of food, gas, rent and more!

Plus, it’s not equitable. The district said a 5% raise for 2021-22 is fair because that’s what they gave teachers and other units at LAUSD. But just compare:

  • 5% for teachers = an average of $3900/year
  • 5% for Local 99 classified employees = an average of $1000/year

We need to keep pushing.

In addition to the low wage offer, they basically rejected all of our proposals. LAUSD said:

  • NO to more hours. In fact, they said there is not enough 8-hour work. Really? Then why are some of us being forced to take-on extra work?  Why is the district continuing to sub-contract work to outside companies? Why are some of us working extra hours and not getting paid?
  • NO to equitable health care benefits for teacher assistants, community representatives, after school workers and others in Units F &G.
  • No to paid training for bus drivers and other classifications.
  • No to ending mandatory overtime. Want to continue to force to if they want to.
  • No to more staffing.
  • No to ending the unpaid, unassigned days.
  • No to allowing us to cash-out our vacation pay.
  • No to being treated with dignity and respect.  

It’s clear LAUSD doesn’t value our work. Well, it’s time to show them how important our work is!

It’s time to show the district that we may be ready to strike.

Join us at the rally at LAUSD headquarters on Tuesday, December 13 at 4pm to take our message directly to the school board and superintendent. Transportation is available. Learn more here.

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