We Moved LAUSD Back To the Bargaining Table

Our rally at LAUSD headquarters on Tuesday, December 13 moved the district back to the bargaining table . Our bargaining team will meet with the district on Wednesday, December 21. We’ll see if they bring any holiday cheer.

Our demands are clear: fair wages, more 8-hour work, pay for all hours worked, health care benefits for all, respect, and more staffing for clean, safe, and supportive schools! If LAUSD doesn’t show any real movement to meet our demands, negotiations will effectively be stuck and we’re headed for an impasse.

That’s why we’re gearing-up to take bigger action.  As we announced at our rally, SEIU Local 99 members will be voting in January to authorize our bargaining team to call for a strike if an agreement cannot be reached. The district has stalled and dragged-out bargaining for too long. Look for more details about the strike vote coming soon.

As we close-out the year, we can be proud that we’re ending with a show of power – and a sign of what’s to come. Hundreds of SEIU Local 99 members rallied and marched during the LAUSD school board meeting. We demanded fair wages, more work hours, and more staffing for clean, safe and supportive schools.

Check out tv news coverage from the rally.
Were you there? Look for your photo here.

Let’s continue to take action and grow our numbers. We got LAUSD’s attention. Now let’s get them to the wages, hours and respect we deserve!

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