During our bargaining session with LAUSD on December 21. The district said they heard us “loud and clear,” but their offer shows we need to turn it up even louder.

LAUSD made some movement on their wage offer – but it’s still not enough. Even worse, they made a move to divide us. 

Here’s LAUSD’s latest wage offer:

  • For 2020-21 – STILL ZERO! What are they thinking?
  • For 2021-22 – 5% increase
  • For 2022-23 – 5% increase or $1.50/hour whichever greater + ONE TIME 4% bonus
  • For 2023-24 – 5% increase or $1.50/hour whichever is greater + ONE TIME 5% bonus

The district offered an additional $2/hour for Special Education Assistants. (They also proposed to take away their BII stipend and refused to address paying for all hours worked.) 

It’s clear that by signaling out only one job classification for an additional increase, LAUSD wants to divide us.

What about the hundreds of other essential workers at LAUSD? 

Plus, the district completely ignored all our other proposals.

 If they really heard us “loud and clear” they should have responded to our demands for increased work hours, pay for all hours worked, equitable health care benefits, training, increased staffing – and more.

But it’s no surprise. After months of bargaining, LAUSD just doesn’t get it. 

Our bargaining team let the district know that negotiations are stuck. Bargaining with LAUSD is going nowhere. We will be declaring an impasse with the CA Public Employment Relations Board this week.

What does this mean? It means a state mediator will now be involved in negotiations to help us reach an agreement. 

We’re hopeful that the mediation process will move the district to significantly improve wages, increase hours and address our other proposals. But even though we’re hopeful, we’re also aware that the district hasn’t shown significant movement over the last few months. So, we’re getting ready to take a strike authorization vote in January. 

Enough is enough! 

Stay tuned for more information about membership meetings coming in January – to learn more about mediation, ramping-up our actions, the strike authorization vote – and more!