We’re Fighting For Respect at LAUSD! Here’s a Summary of Our Contract Demands.

We’re fighting to change LAUSD’s unjust compensation system that treats classified employees as second class workers. This is about LAUSD respecting our work, our rights, and our contributions to student learning. That is why our bargaining team has presented LAUSD with bold demands and why we’re ready to take bold action.

Here’s a summary of our contract demands:

SEIU Local 99 Demands: LAUSD SAYS:
30% wage increase + $2/hour equity wage adjustment for all.


  • The district’s offer averages to an increase of approximately 3.7% per year.
  • NO raises for 2020!
  • One-time bonuses that disappear after payout.
  • Additional raise only for Special Education Assistants that does NOT guarantee their hours
    or address unpaid hours worked.
More full-time hours NO! They want to be able to cut our hours at any time or not pay us for all hours we work.
Eliminating unassigned days NO! More unpaid furlough days for us.
Equitable Access to Health Care for Community
Reps, Teacher Assistants, and others in Units F & G
NO! Our vote to strike pushed the district to change its offer on health care. They are now offering to extend the same health benefits that all other LAUSD employees already have to workers in Units F & G.
However, the district’s offer does not address any increase in hours and would only apply to those employees working 4+ hours a day, leaving over 5,200 employees without access to benefits.
Right to file a grievance over disrespectful treatment and harassment on the job NO! They claim everyone is treated with respect.
Paid training and professional development days NO! No opportunity to train for job promotion. AND – WE pay for THEIR required trainings.
Cashing-out vacation pay NO! The vacation scam continues – we’re denied vacation and we cap-out on accruing more time.
Bidding on buses NO!
More Staffing NO! Without fair wages and more hours, LAUSD won’t be able to recruit and retain enough staff
for clean, safe, & supportive schools for all students.

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