Building a stronger union: CCPU Member Dues Structure

Last year, CCPU members voted to create our very first dues structure, securing the financial future of our union and creating a path to build even greater power in our state. This victory, in securing our future, means we will have greater resources to become self sustaining, but also be an even greater force at the State Capitol when bargaining for our contracts, and changing the future of early childhood education. This work takes a team of dedicated professionals, including organizers, member representatives, communicators and attorneys who guide, train, educate, and inform members in negotiations.

Why a dues structure now?

Because, after the sacrifices we have made as frontline workers in the pandemic, child care providers have shown what we are worth and we are ready to demand more. We rely solely on dues to run our day-to-day operation and to fund the hard work, including negotiations, that leads to victories for all family child care providers!

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