Rally at LAUSD Headquarters

We’re ready! SEIU Local 99 members at LAUSD will lead a three-day strike to protest LAUSD’s unfair labor practices from Tuesday, March 21 through Thursday, March 23. 

Picket lines will be set-up every morning of the strike at schools and worksites, including bus yards, procurement, and the Newman Nutrition Center. Important information about the strike is posted here.  After the morning picket lines, we’ll all gather at a central location for solidarity, food, and more protesting.

On the first day of the strike – Tuesday, March 21 – we will RALLY AT LAUSD HEADQUARTERS!
On Tuesday, March 21, SEIU Local 99 will host a Rally at LAUSD Headquarters and have a food pantry available for anyone in need of help.  To reserve your space fill out the form below.

Remember- you have the right to strike and it against the law for LAUSD supervisors to ask you about striking or threaten you if you strike. Report any violations here

Take a look at some frequently asked questions and answers about your right to go on strike. A strike hotline will be set-up from March 20 – March 24 to answer any questions that may come up as you participate in the strike. More information about the hotline is coming soon. If you have more questions, please contact your Steward or Union Organizer.

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