Bargaining Update: We’re Standing Strong!

Watch this video from our Bargaining Team.

In the last three days we’ve grown stronger by STANDING TOGETHER FOR RESPECT. We have shown the district that we will not be intimidated if they don’t respect us.

Because of our sacrifice and solidarity, today there is more recognition of our work and our contributions to student learning. Our struggle was heard around the country. We will keep standing strong until LAUSD also values our work.

Our strike brought us back to contract talks with the leadership of Mayor Karen Bass. Our team has been working hard to reach an agreement. We’re not there yet and we will reconvene tomorrow.

As you return to work, you can be proud that we took action like never before and showed the strength of our unity. We will keep fighting until we win!

Know your rights! Remember: it is your right to strike and participate in union activities. If you experience any retaliation, interrogation or intimidation because of your participation in the strike, be sure to report it by completing this form.

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  1. chuck March 24, 2023 at 7:54 am

    So close to the goal, but nothing won without crossing the finish line. Keep Pushing! Pushing! Pushing!!!

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