SEIU Local 99 Statement on Tentative Agreement with LAUSD

Jonathan Underland,
Maria Elena Jauregui 818.355.5291, – Spanish language media

“SEIU Local 99’s 30,000 members stood up and demanded more – for our students, our schools, and ourselves and our families.  Members’ sacrifice, courage, and strength – and the solidarity of 35,000 teachers of UTLA –  led to this moment. We deeply appreciate Mayor Bass’s engagement at a critical moment.

“SEIU Local 99’s Bargaining Committee is proud of the tentative agreement we reached with the District, which answers our core demands. 

“In a union, it is members who have the last word, whether we choose to go on strike or whether we accept an agreement. It is now up to SEIU Local 99’s members to evaluate this agreement and vote on it.

“Our focus as a union is now to ensure that SEIU members have all the information they need to reach a decision and have all of their questions answered.

“This week the eyes of our entire nation were on the cooks, custodians and classroom aides who make education possible in Los Angeles, a workforce overwhelmingly made up of women and people of color. We emerged stronger than ever from this week’s strike and showed the entire nation that unions are the most powerful force for economic opportunity and equity.”

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