Paving The Way Toward A Retirement Benefit—$240,000 agreement on retirement with the state

CCPU is paving the way toward a retirement benefit for providers by reaching a $240,000 agreement on retirement with the state of CA!

The agreement:

  • Establishes a groundbreaking study to develop retirement benefits for child care providers
  • Funds a survey that will allow for a thorough examination focusing on the unique characteristics experienced by family child care providers
  • Provides funding to set up a union retirement trust to deliver future benefits once the state and CCPU agree to a plan

This is a huge step forward in establishing a plan for child care providers, because retirement plans were not built for workers like us. This agreement will fund the research and development of what retirement will look like in our state for providers, but we must continue to take action to win the retirement plan and funding providers need!

We want to hear from you!
Ensuring providers retire with dignity and respect by having access to retirement benefits is one of CCPU’s bargaining priorities. It’s going to take all of us to win a strong second contract with the state. We need everyone to get involved and share their story on why providers need retirement. Our stories about what providers are facing providing quality child care and supporting our own families help educate and move decision-makers. Make sure your voice and your story are heard at the bargaining table! Fill out this story form at

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